OCHWW Community Outreach Day 2018

Posted by Darlene Dobry from Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide — North America on May 17, 2018



“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”  – William James



As practitioners of healthcare and curators of health content, our career paths have led us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to ensure that vital information about health and wellness is available and accessed by diverse stakeholders so that patients in our community receive the best care. We are not simply creating deliverables, we are delivering health information, contributing to pathways of care and positively impacting the human condition. What we do truly does make a difference.


Given our passion for helping others to “be well,” we take this responsibility to heart, which was evidenced in our 4th Annual OCHWW Community Outreach Day this month. Nearly 200 employees across three offices dedicated an entire day to serve 20 diverse nonprofit organizations, volunteering time and talent to give back to the community. Our volunteers spent the day with healthcare-related charities, soup kitchens and food banks, community parks, children’s hospitals, animal shelters, senior centers, and nonprofits supporting women and our military/veterans. We cast a blanket of red “DO Good” T-shirts into the community to serve others.


Although it was one day of community service, the impact of our time and effort is immeasurable. Whether it was the smile on the face of a senior who felt less lonely, preparing and delivering a meal for someone who might not have otherwise eaten, writing a heartfelt letter to a soldier who is away from home protecting our freedoms, or giving a homeless animal some socialization and a clean, safe environment—our Ogilvy team made a difference, and once again we were part of something bigger than ourselves.