To celebrate the launch of Ogilvy CommonHealth Asia Pacific in Singapore, we hosted the inaugural healthcare DO Debate focused on the evolving patient-physician relationship in a digital world. Attendees came from local, regional and global industry, academia and government organizations.

Organized in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce Singapore, the "Mind the Gap" between Patients and Doctors DO Debate was held at Singapore’s Ogilvy & Mather offices on Thursday, 3 April 2014. Moderated by Andrew Thomas, President, Ogilvy Public Relations, Southeast Asia and India, the debate convened a panel of experts that included:

  • Bill CLAXTON - President and Co-Founder of the Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Society
  • Dr KOH Poh Koon - Director and Senior Consultant, Fortis Surgical Hospital, Singapore
  • Dr Steven TUCKER - Medical Director, Tucker Medical, Singapore
  • Sameer DESAI - Head of Consumer Healthcare, Mundipharma

Our dynamic panel engaged the audience in some of the biggest questions about digital health today, including how digital trends will influence the management of health and wellness.


The Patient-Physician Relationship
As Internet and mobile apps make it possible for patients to access information on their condition anytime, they in turn are changing the way physicians practice medicine. Panelists highlighted trends in digital technology that will help bridge the information gap between patients and physicians. Drs Koh and Tucker emphasized that when patients are actively engaged in the management of their own health and behaviors, physicians are better able to approach their patients in a holistic fashion from prevention through to treatment and cure.

Empowering Patients
Mr Claxton emphasized the need for patients to monitor their own health and advocate for the medical care they need. Anticipating that patients are fast becoming e-patients, he believes that the ability of patients to easily access or transfer their medical records digitally will enable them to seek the best healthcare treatment anywhere in the world. Mr Desai added that pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions will further bridge the information gap, creating innovative technologies and tools to help patients monitor their condition and obtain crucial information about their health.


The DO Debate concluded with celebratory confetti and champagne commemorating the launch of Ogilvy CommonHealth Asia Pacific in Singapore. The night proved to be an excellent networking and information gathering session for all.